June 7, 2023

The efforts of the Chhattisgarh government to promote organic farming have started showing meaningful results. In view of the ill effects of chemical fertilizers and the rising cost of cultivation, farmers of the state are now adopting organic farming. The easy production and availability of vermi compost fertilizer in the Gothans built in villages under the Suraji Village Scheme of the Government of Chhattisgarh has played an important role in furthering organic farming. The success of organic farming on 1250 acres in village Sildaha, Bhainsajhar and Bachalykhurd of Kota block in Bilaspur district has become exemplary for farmers today. Organic farming is also being encouraged by the government’s Traditional Agricultural Development Scheme. Under this, farmers are also given a grant of 10-12 thousand rupees per hectare for organic farming.
Under the traditional agricultural development scheme, organic farming is taking place in 1250 acres of land in village Sildaha, Bhainsajhar and Bachhali Khurd of Kota development block in Bilaspur district. In this area, HMT Organic farming of paddy is being done, which is expected to produce 13 thousand quintals of organic paddy. Branding, packaging and marketing of organic produce of farmers will also be arranged. Farmers of these villages are using organic green manure such as sowing and mowing the structure and using organic fertilizers and vermicompost to produce organic paddy. Using these, 3.50 percent nitrogen, 0.70 percent phosphorus and 1.30 percent potash are available to the fields. 60 to 70 kg per hectare of nitrogen is obtained by using green manure. Usually 120 kg of nitrogen in paddy cultivation by agricultural scientists, It is recommended to use 60 kg of phosphorus and 40 kg of potash, but 3 bags of urea and 1.5 bags of potash are being saved on organic farming, due to which the cost of farming has been reduced by 5 to 6 thousand rupees. . In the above three villages of Kota development block, the Department of Agriculture is taking organic crop demonstration in 1250 acres. Under the Traditional Agricultural Development Scheme, organic products are also being provided to the farmers by certifying organic produce, so that their agricultural produce can get better market value.