DNA ANALYSIS: Third World War, Modi-Trump Created ‘China Plan’

DNA ANALYSIS: Third World War, Modi-Trump Created ‘China Plan’

June 27, 2020 Off By Virendra Yadav

For the first time between the confrontation between India and China in Ladakh, the US has openly stated that not only India but also countries like Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia are in danger due to China’s aggressive policies. 

India will deal with the Communist Party of China and its army, but now the world has to think that what will happen to the world if China continues to do similar extreme acts elsewhere? Today, the matter of India is being understood by the whole world and the world is accepting that the Communist Party of China and its Army People’s Liberation Army, the PLA have now become a threat to the world.

You can also consider this as the call of Third World War, because for the first time between India and China confrontation in Ladakh, America has said openly that due to China’s aggressive policies, not only India, but also Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Countries like Malaysia are also in danger. To deal with this threat, America is going to deploy these soldiers to Asia, by reducing its troops from Europe.

The world came to know about this plan of America when America gave the reason for reducing its troops from Germany. America has military bases in many countries of Europe including Germany and a large number of American soldiers are stationed there. America has put its military strength in Europe to deal with the threat of Russia for years. But now the world’s biggest threat has become China and its Communist Party.

Therefore, America has said that it will reduce the number of its soldiers present in Germany from 52 thousand to 25 thousand. And out of these, 9 thousand soldiers will be deployed in US Southeast Asian countries. The United States is reviewing the deployment of its troops around the world and is now deploying them in such a way that these soldiers can compete with the Chinese army if needed.

America is recognizing that this is a time of great challenge, and to face this challenge, it is necessary that all military resources are present at the right place. This means that the US will increase its military strength at strategic places from which China can be surrounded. This is also a big message for China that the world will not sit silent on its antics.

And if a situation of war ever arises between India and China, America will openly support India. But these will be the circumstances in which the coming of any third force will become a danger of world war. In which on one side there will be countries like Pakistan and North Korea with China, then there will be countries like America, Japan, Australia with India, who are openly opposing China’s aggressive policies.

It will be religious for countries like Russia to choose an old friend like India or a country like China, which has become a major need of Russia for some time. But the question is, why should such a situation come, why the world does not unite and ask for answers from China, while the expansionist face of China is watching the whole world in the hunger of the land.

Be it the case of confrontation with India in Ladakh, the threat of military action to Taiwan, the crushing of voices against themselves in Hong Kong, the new confrontation with Japan on old issues or There should be talk of intimidating other countries to gain authority in the South China Sea.

If the expansionist policies and military activities of China were not stopped, it would become a crisis for the whole world, as the crisis had become in the era of Hitler and then the world saw the result as World War II.

Therefore, it is very important for China to be answered in its own language. The kind of military policy that the US has indicated against China, it is clear that China will be encircled in its own neighborhood. 

The real siege of China will be from the countries of Southeast Asia. America has taken the name of countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines in this area. These are the countries with which China’s dispute is going on in the South China Sea and China continues to threaten these countries by showing military strength.

In this, the US has entered into an agreement with the Philippines since the year 1988, in which American warships get entry into the Philippines without any hindrance. Vietnam has an old military base in the US, which later moved away, but amidst China’s threat, Vietnam has come closer to the US and is getting support from the US Navy to protect its beaches.

America’s defense cooperation with Indonesia and Malaysia is also increasing steadily. The US has an agreement with Singapore by 2035 that the US military could use AIR and NAVAL bases in Singapore. If America’s military presence in these countries increases further, then in the event of any major confrontation, there will be strong siege against China in this area.

China is very aggressive in this area as well as in the area of ​​East China Sea. China had openly threatened military aggression against Taiwan and had even sent its fighters, which were banished by Taiwan. But from here also China is ready to answer in its own language. 

The US military does not have a permanent base in Taiwan, but here the US military often comes for training and patrolling. At this time also three American aircraft carriers are stationed near Taiwan. On the other hand, China and its friends in the Asia-Pacific region already have US military bases in South Korea and Japan to deal with North Korea.

More than 28 thousand soldiers of the US Army, Air Force and Navy are deployed in South Korea. There are about 15 small and large military bases in America. The US has about 23 small and large military bases in Japan and more than 54 thousand American soldiers are stationed here. Japan itself has the seventh largest fleet of the US Navy, in which about 50 warships and 20 thousand naval soldiers are ready at all times.

Along with South Korea and Japan, about 5,000 US soldiers are permanently stationed in Guam. Guam is a strategically important small island with a base of the US Air Force.

Gradually, the real face of China is being understood by the whole world. Now in the coming time, we have to see how many countries of the world form a coalition against China. Because if this does not happen then China will slowly move forward and the misconception of China that it has become a super power and no one can stop it. This misunderstanding of China can be dangerous for the whole world. 

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