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December 4, 2020

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Dengue Mosquitoes Will Once Again Thrive In The Raining Rain Water

These days a lot of junk is lying in the municipal premises, in which rain water is accumulating. There is a risk of dengue mosquito to flourish. Temperatures of around 25 degrees, humidity, humidity and clear water deposits create a susceptibility to dengue mosquito. The district administration and the municipal corporation are engaged in taking measures to protect dengue but the junk is not being removed from the corporation premises. The rains have started hurting the residents of dengue. For three years there has been an outbreak of dengue fever in the central and adjoining municipal areas of the city.
  Within the empty tankers in the Municipal Corporation premises, empty trolleys of defective tractor trolleys and rickshaws are flooded. Many government offices are also full of junk. Coolers, empty cans, tires, old toys accumulate water in homes, causing fear of dengue mosquito. The corporation does not have larval control measures, so it is good to save. If the sources of clear water deposits are not closed or removed, then dengue can spread again.

In these mohallas of the city, the danger of dengue has been increased by the
Health Department and the Corporation where sensitive patients have been found in the most wards in the last three years. These mainly include Sanjay Complex, Itwari Bazar, Kostapara, Subhash Chowk, Gaurishankar Temple Road, Ramnivas Talkies Road, Rambhatha, Indira Nagar, Deendayal Colony, Sadar Bazar, Gandhi Ganj, Danipara, Ganja Chowk, Kotwali Line, Booji Bhawan.
In 2017, the first patient was found in front of the corporation. In
2017, dengue infection was the highest in the city, in four months more than 18 hundred dengue suspects were found. The number of positive patients was also high. The city’s first dengue positive patient was also found in front of the corporation at the home of a drug dealer. After this, the corporation had given Sanjay Complex a reason for the infection.

It is important to avoid dengue because the risk of corona outside
can be fatal. Caution is also necessary because these days there is an outbreak of corona in the district. Going out or going to the hospital also poses a risk of corona infection, so in case of dengue, hospitalization, blood or platelets are required. Immunity will be weak when dengue fever occurs and there may be an attack of Kovid.

 Our preparations are going on under the scrap scrap management. We have sold half the scrap for about 15.69 lakh rupees. The rest of the process is going on. In the coming days you will get to see better work and results in the corporation. – Ashutosh Pandey, Commissioner Municipal Corporation The
rainy season is favorable for 
dengue mosquitoes. The larvae of dengue vector female Aedes mosquitoes thrive in clear water, but for this the temperature should also be favorable for them. The most favorable condition for these is 16 to 25 degrees. At such temperatures, these mosquitoes breed rapidly. – Dr. TG Kulvedi, Nodal Officer, Vector Borne Diseases

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