June 7, 2023

In the chairmanship of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel today, in the meeting of the Cabinet (Mahanadi Bhavan) in the Cabinet meeting, many important decisions were taken as follows-

It is recommended to withdraw an episode on the recommendation of the committee constituted under the chairmanship of the Home Minister in relation to the return of cases relating to purely political movements. All political collectors and police superintendents of the state were directed to send the episode for the return of such cases of all political parties.

The short-term farm credit taken from the state government by cooperative and regional rural banks and public sector commercial banks has been waived. It was decided to avail loan forgiveness through Non-Settlement of Nonprofit Accounts, which were exempted in the meeting. Under this, 50 percent of the amount will be payable by the state government. With this, half of the loan amount of 1175 crore rupees will be borne by the government. This will enable the account holders to get access to agricultural loans in the future.

With the view to provide food security, all 65 lakh families of the state will be benefited from the ration card. There are currently 58 million households ration cards. Now the income tax payers will also make ration cards. New ration cards will be created for all 65 lakh families, including seven lakh new families. Generating common category cards in two groups, the general category (income tax payer) and general category (non-income tax) ration card will be issued as per eligibility. Rice rate for general category (income tax payer) and general category (non-income tax) has been fixed at Rs 10. Until the new ration card is created, the existing ration card holders will continue to get the material from the old ration card. If there is only one member in the family, 10 kg of rice will be given, 20 kg for two members and 35 kg for three to five members. If there are more than 5 members, 7-7 kg rice will be given extra per member rate.

With the view to enable the comprehensive interest of sugarcane growers and cooperative sugar factories of the state, the purchase of Sugar, which is distributed through the Public Distribution System, was decided by the cooperative sugar factories of the State. This will help to remove the sugarcane stock of sugar stored in cooperative sugar factories. This sugar was currently purchased from the open market.

Appointment of Additional Advocate General, Shri Satish Chandra Verma, for the post of Advocate General of the State, was post-facto approval in the meeting.

In the Naxal attack, the appointment of Shri Ashish Karma, the son of Shahid Shri Mahendra Karma, has been appointed as Deputy Collector. Amendment was approved in the Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission (Delimitation Regulation) Regulation-1957 to separate a post of direct recruitment from the perimeter of Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission.

Under the Scheduled Castes Development Authority, under the current fund of four types of works, now 11 types of works, such as health, education, drinking water and other priorities will be approved. Similarly, the extended extended 11 works will also be done under Bastar area tribal development authority, Sariguza area Tribal Development Authority and Central Region Tribal Development Authority.

Next to the name of Atal Nagar, Atal Nagar Development Authority and Atal Smart City Corporation, ‘Nav Raipur’ will be added.

It was decided to set up a committee to remove complaints and discrepancies related to entry fees of non-government schools.

Under the jurisdiction of education, free education and text book is arranged for students only upto class VIII. Now this facility will also be made available to students from class IX to XII.

The decision to constitute a Cabinet sub committee for reviewing the policy of purchase of paddy and custom milling was taken.

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