June 6, 2023

Shri Inderjeet Baghel and nephew Shri Rajesh Baghel will go to Prayagraj on 14th July for the purpose of immersion of bone vase in the confluence of Mrs. Vindevari Baghel .
The tribute program will be organized on 17th July at Bhilai 3 in front of Mangal Bhawan on the demise of late Mrs. Vindevari Baghel, the mother of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel. His brother Shri Inderjeet Baghel and Bhajan Shri Rajesh Baghel will leave for Prayagraj on July 14 for immersion in the Sangam situated at the Prayagraj of the bones of late Mrs. Baghel. It is worth mentioning that according to tradition in the Kurmi society water is being given to the Ghat for 10 days. On the third day of the funeral, the bones are collected and stored in a vase. After this the people go to Prayagaraj for the immersion of the bone orchard. After the completion of the worship and other rituals on the tenth day, the process of purification is completed.

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