June 9, 2023

Onlines Classes: Schools have been closed for several months due to Corona virus infection. The children are currently studying online. Online class starts as soon as school time starts. Children are connecting from home through laptop, desk top or mobile. Health experts say that online education, which runs for hours a day, is overshadowing the physical and mental health of children. Young children are being affected the most. Read the report of Vishal Shrestha from Kolkata on this issue.

It can be very harmful to ignore the effects on children due to online studies. Many children are complaining of eye problems and headaches these days. Irritability in the nature of many children has become a matter of concern for parents.

Purninma Goyal, mother of Bhavya, a third-grader at a prestigious school in Howrah, said, ‘My daughter has three consecutive 40-minute classes in the morning and two consecutive 40-minute classes in the afternoon. Sometimes she complains of eye irritation or discomfort and headache. I have also felt a little irritability in him. Earlier, when my daughter returned home from school from morning to evening, she was also seen with energy and enthusiasm. She is missing the school environment and her classmates a lot. At this time, only classes of important subjects should be conducted and the online class of extra-curricular activities should be discontinued.

Reading on mobile is harmful for the eyes:

Dr. Aseem Kumar Ghosh, ophthalmologist and director of Medical College RIO, said that studying on mobile is very harmful for the eyes. On an hourly studies should include the eyes two hours. Constantly looking at the screen can dry eye muscles. Water may start flowing from the eyes and eyesight may become weak. Apart from this, there can be many eye problems. Online education is not suitable for children under 10 years of age.

The problem is more mental than physical:

Child neurologist Doctor Deeptanshu Das said that the problem is more mental than physical because nowadays even young children spend hours on mobile. Actually, parents are not very confident about online studies. Children are not too serious about online classes. There are many reasons for this. In school, children sit and study with classmates. They interact with each other. Play and share tiffin. In online class, they sit alone at home and study. This is causing boredom and irritability in them.

Teacher also upset:

A teacher said on the condition of not publishing the name that there is a difference of ground and sky between sitting in class and teaching online. Not only children, we are also having difficulty in teaching in this way.