June 9, 2023

Congress leader and 4 constables of Azad Chowk police station in Raipur are also positive.

The number of corona infections in Chhattisgarh is increasing continuously. On Thursday, a maximum of 198 patients were found in a single day. A 66-year-old man from Janjgir-Champa admitted in Ambedkar Hospital died of corona. This is the 22nd death in the state. Raipur topped the state in the case of new cases and 58 patients were found here. 198 patients have been found in 13 districts of the state. The report of 4 constables of the already sealed Azadchowk police station in the capital has come out positive. This police station is already sealed due to a young man being infected. Apart from Congress leader, common people have found more victims in the new case. Now the number of victims in Raipur has increased to 975. The figure is expected to cross 1000 on Friday. According to the report released by the Health Department on Thursday, besides Raipur, 32 from Bilaspur, 23 from Rajnandgaon, 16 from Kawardha, 14 from Surguja, 12 from Janjgir-Champa, 9 from Bemetra, 5 from Jashpur, 4 from Korba. , 3-3 from Raigad and Balodabazar, one patient each from Balrampur and other states. The number of corona patients in the state is 4756. The active case is 1282. So far, 3451 patients have been discharged after recovering. On Thursday, 127 patients were discharged. Corona infection continues to increase in Raipur. As of May 31, there were only 15 patients in the capital. Since June 1, 960 patients have increased in only 46 days. In the last 10 days, 1414 patients were found in the state. That is, on an average 141 new patients are being received every day. Apart from Raipur, no district has increased the number of patients at such a rapid pace. Raipur has the highest number of patients. The active cases have been 509. While 98 patients are being treated in various hospitals in Bilaspur and 96 in Narayanpur. Senior Medical Consultants Dr. Yogendra Malhotra and Dr. According to Suresh Chandravanshi, after the relaxation of the lockdown, people have started a tremendous negligence. According to doctors, apart from masks, people are not taking necessary precautions to wash hands frequently. Despite the fine, they have avoided wearing masks. This is the reason that the number of common people among the infected is increasing. Many people are getting infected by coming in contact with patients.

Technician infected, collection stalled After
the lab technician of Ambedkar Hospital got infected, the blood sample collection of patients in room number 143 was stalled for a few hours on Tuesday. Due to this, the patients who came with the sample continued to hurl. Seeing the situation, the staff there discussed with the hospital’s responsibility to open the counter. They said that they could work by asking their HOD. The HOD of the Department of Pathology said that the collection counter was closed for some time as a precaution. Later collections were started.
The technician whose report has come up positive, his duty was earlier in the virology lab for corona examination. He came on duty after the Quarantine. Earlier, the lab technician of the cancer department has been infected. It is feared that this technician was also infected due to their contact. Information is being collected about where he came in contact with whom and where.