May 29, 2023

Bangkok: Thailand’s government tightened rules for foreigners’ entry on Tuesday, raising concerns about a second wave of infection after two newly imported corona virus cases in contact with the public.

It has been 50 days to Thailand without confirmation of local transmission of the corona virus, but this week there is apprehension on social media of foreigners over two cases of self-isolation and a new contagion in two cases. The isolated people can be exposed to a 43-year-old crew of an Egyptian military aircraft in eastern Rayong province and a 9-year-old girl and family member of a Sudanese diplomat in Bangkok.

Both were essentially exempted for 14-day state-supervised quarantine. The government acknowledged that regulations for diplomats and air crews, which were among the few categories of foreigners entering since March with requirements for self-segregation, have become too lax. Prime Minister Prathuth Chan-Oha said that it should not happen, I am really sorry that it did and I want to apologize to the public.