May 29, 2023

No one has ever seen a disaster like the corona virus in the world. The infection of this epidemic is spreading so fast that it seems impossible for any country to control it. According to Dr. Ajay Mohan of AIIMS, associated with, corona virus has not yet been treated and is being treated only on the basis of symptoms. Currently, it may take 1-2 years for any vaccine to be prepared. Corona infection continues to spread, but many infected people are also recovering. The recovery rate in India is increasing compared to before, which is a comforting news. But whether Corona patients recovered completely after getting cured, the question arises in everyone’s mind. Let us try to find answers to these questions.
Weakness remains after recovering from corona
Those who have become corona infected and have recovered and return home also feel weakness for a long time. This fatigue in their body can last for about three to four weeks. Actually this post is a viral side effect. This effect is also called viral chronic fatigue syndrome. This syndrome is seen in patients with dengue, swine flu, and influenza, but it takes one to two weeks to recover. At the same time, patients recovering from corona virus take one month to recover from this syndrome. In patients, this fatigue can be both mental and physical. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a disease in which patients sometimes lose their memory in the event of mental stress or fatigue.
This is why fatigue occurs after a viral infection
According to Dr. Ajay Mohan associated with, viral infection breaks down proteins present in the body, causing damage to body cells. This makes the cells weak. This is why the body feels tired and weak. Apart from this, the body’s antibodies are also constantly fighting the virus, which destroys the body’s energy. There is also a shortage of water in the body, so doctors recommend patients to take a high protein diet and drink plenty of water so that they can get well soon.
Depression in
Corona Virus Patients Depression-like symptoms are also appearing after the Corona Virus recovers in many patients, so the doctor is being asked to focus on positive thinking. Meditation is also being done to patients of Corona in most hospitals so that they can avoid depression.
Corona patients
should take this way, after recovering from their diet corona, the patient should keep taking protein rich things. For this, gram, moong, sprouted grains of moth, cottage cheese, egg white, milk, curd, soybean and all types of pulses should be eaten more. Apart from this, fruits and green vegetables should be eaten to supply other nutrients. Anti-oxidant is found in them. Apart from this, fatty foods such as maida, bread, etc. should be avoided.

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