Corona’s new drug, known as ‘Coronavir’, will stop the virus like this

Corona’s new drug, known as ‘Coronavir’, will stop the virus like this

July 11, 2020 Off By Vishnu Mahanand

Corona virus infection is increasing rapidly worldwide. Many countries of the world are badly affected by this epidemic, including India, America, Britain, Brazil, Russia. Scientists from many countries, including India, are researching to make the corona virus vaccine. On the other hand, many companies around the world are also engaged in the preparation of its medicine. However, no exact treatment has been found so far. Some of the drugs already available are being used to treat corona. At the same time, some medicines like Fabiflu, Dexamethasone have also been allowed to be used in the treatment of corona under the supervision of doctors. Now a new corona drug has emerged, which will prevent the corona virus from increasing the number in the patient’s body. Let’s know about this medicine:

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Russian pharma company R-Pharma (Russia Pharm) has designed a new drug for the treatment of corona virus. This new drug is antiviral, named Coronavir. After clinical trial, this drug has been allowed to be used to treat corona patients.

R-Pharma (Russia Pharm) company claims that this drug works better on Corona patients. This drug called coronavir prevents replication of the virus, ie this drug prevents the virus from increasing in number. It is known that the corona virus increases its number very rapidly after entering the human body. The drug prevents him from doing so. 

‘Coronavir’ strikes at the root of Corona

This Russian company claims that ‘coronavir’ is the first such drug in the country, which is completely effective for treating Kovid-19 patients. In the growing cases of corona worldwide, all kinds of measures are being taken to stop the infection, but the root cause of this problem is the corona virus. This drug stops the growth of the corona after the infected patients enter the body.

55% more improvement during trial 

According to the Russian pharma company R-Pharm, the drug has had excellent results during clinical trials. Corona patients taking coronavir during the trial and taking other therapy or medication were compared. During this period it was revealed that there was a 55% improvement in patients taking coronavir compared to other medicines and therapies. 


Direct virus eradication

The company claims that the drugs already available treat the symptoms of corona, but the coronavir drug targets the virus directly instead of focusing on the symptoms of Covid-19. After 14 days the effect was assessed on giving this medicine to the patients. It was revealed in the clinical trial that on the fifth day of giving coronavir, 77.5 percent patients had corona virus.  


Trial was held in May

According to Russia’s Central Research Institute of Epidemiology chief Tatian Ryzentsova, the drug trial began in May and has so far treated 110 patients. However, he has not responded to whether the drug research report has been published in any health research journal or not. 


Medication prevents rapid spread of infection

According to media reports, Dr. Mikhail Somsonov, Medical Director of R-Farm, has said that the drug has undergone clinical trials in many countries, proving that coronavir prevents the replication and rapid spread of the virus. 

It is known that before this, there is a drug in the Indian market for the treatment of coronavirus treatment. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Company has upgraded the antiviral drug Favipiravir to market the drug under the name FabiFlu. This drug is said to be effective for the treatment of early corona patients.

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According to the company, like coronavir, it is also a type of antiviral drug. Available as a 200mg tablet, one leaf of this medicine costs Rs 3,500, which contains 34 tablets. That is, a tablet costs Rs 103. Patients with mild symptoms will have to take two doses of 1800 mg on the first day and then two doses of 800 mg for 14 days. However, the drug is allowed to be used only under doctor’s supervision .