June 10, 2023
  • The advisory of the Ministry of Home Affairs has been sent to government offices, state governments and governors regarding the program of August 15.
  • Advice to State Governments – Call for ceremony to honor doctors, health workers and sanitation workers

The Union Home Ministry on Friday issued an advisory related to Independence Day. It has been sent to all government offices, state governments and governors. The advisory recommends avoiding mass events on Independence Day. It says that technology should be used to celebrate the festival of independence. The Home Ministry has taken this advice in view of the increasing infection of Coronavirus in the country.

Risk of infection

The advisory states that it is necessary to follow certain rules in view of the risk of infection. Measures like social distancing, mask, sanitization will have to be adopted. Do not rush, it has to be taken care of. The guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home and Health have to be followed. The ceremony should be broadcast live via web cast.

Advice to State Governments

State governments have been advised to invite doctors, other health workers and sanitation workers to the function for the event. Those who have defeated Corona, ie those who have recovered after the infection, may also be called to the ceremony.