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February 28, 2021

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Corona virus Kovid-19 appeal for vaccination by Health Department

The Health Department has appealed to the common citizens to be vaccinated to deal with unabated corona virus infection. The department has also said that no reports of its side effects have come, so do not pay attention to the rumors. As you all know that corona virus infection has come in the form of a worldwide epidemic. The life of the general public has become busy, along with a situation of imbalance has been created in various dimensions. People started returning to their homes. Train, horse, plane, train motor were all blocked. Economic, social, and behavioral approaches have changed. We all have two yards masks required washing hands, inspired for hand sanitization. Collector Shri Shiv Anant Tayal has appealed to common citizens to cooperate in vaccination work in future.
The vaccination program has been launched by the Government of India to prevent the disease at the national level. On the inauguration day of this program on January 16, 2021, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. SK Sharma also became a participant by getting the vaccine. He said that I am 65 years old, I have not encountered any kind of side effect after getting vaccinated, I am completely safe and healthy. After 28 days, the second dose of the vaccine will be applied, after which it takes time for the body to develop immune resistance to fight Kovid-19. Therefore, we have to follow proper behavior (use of mask, two yards and washing hands with soap) to avoid infection of Kovid. With me the District Surveillance Officer Dr. This vaccine has also been administered by Jyoti Jasathi, who is infected and healed completely. After vaccination, it is completely safe and healthy. There is an appeal to registered health officers / employees, Anganwadi workers, Mitanins and other departments and registered officials and employees in Kovin portal in Bemetara district to get this vaccine. Safety is the basic mantra to avoid illness. Two yards is a must have mask.