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November 30, 2020

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Corona Positive Found In Raipur Rajdhani Vihar Colony

Restrictions on movement of all types of vehicles in the content zone

Restrained due to any reason other than medical emergency

According to the guidelines released by the Government of India, Health and Family Welfare Department and Government of Chhattisgarh, the area has been declared as a contention zone as a result of 01 new corona positive case found in Rajdhani Vihar police station assembly under Raipur Municipal Corporation. The Additional Collector has declared the walls of the colony of the colony in the east, the plain of the colony in the west, the Shiva temple in the north and the Diwal of the Aishwarya Kingdom colony in the south.
There will be only 01 gate for entry or exit in this container zone. In which the police officer posted, ensuring physical distanceing, details of all persons traveling for medical emergency and supply of essential items will be recorded in a register. All the shops under the Containment Zone, Offices and other commercial establishments will remain completely closed until further orders. The supply of essential goods will be ensured at reasonable rates through home delivery in the Containment Zone by the Officer-in-Charge. For the home delivery of essential goods, the permission will be duly given by the Incident Commander. There will be a complete ban on the movement of all types of vehicles under the Containment Zone. For any reason except medical emergency, the exit of the container zone or house will be restricted. In the case of medical emergency only, the Chief Medical and Health Officer Raipur should issue a pass and inform the Incident Commander. Individuals involved in the supply of essential commodities will be able to enter the Containment Zone, ensuring physical distancing and sanitization. Any other person exiting or entering the container zone will be completely banned. Containment Zone
     Arrangement of only 01 gate for entry or exit in the content zone, Shri NK Pandey, Executive Engineer, Public Works Department, Vidhan Sabha Division, Raipur, Mo.No. 94076-25500, Shri B.S.Thakur, Forest Officer, Raipur Vanmandal, Raipur 94242-38769, Mr. RK Dongre for the sanitization and supply of essential commodities in the Content Zone for the supply of Bamboo-Ball for Barricading as per the demand of Public Works Department. Zone Commissioner Municipal Corporation, Zone Number-02, Mo. No. 94251-60304, Active Surveillance of Households, Smt Meera Baghel, Chief Medical and Health Officer, Raipur, Mo., for providing medicines, masks, PPE etc. as per SOP and biomedical waste management to health team. 94255-16797, Incident Commander Mr. Mukesh Kothari, to ensure all necessary actions including availability of essential items in the above mentioned area Deputy Collector and Executive Magistrate Raipur Mo. 99934-83432, as per the Guidelines issued from time to time by the Government of India and the State Government, to ensure strict adherence to the lockdown in the Content Zone, Shri Ashwani Rathore, Station In-Charge, Station Assembly, Raipur, Mo. 94791-91079 has been appointed.