Continuous online education can harm children’s eyes: High Court | The Chhattisgarh

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May 5, 2021

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Continuous online education can harm children’s eyes: High Court

Right now schools are studying online due to the closure of schools due to Corona. The High Court has noted that if similar online education is provided for a long period of time, it may harm the eyes of children. The High Court has directed the government to present an answer to what steps can be taken to control this problem.

In the petition regarding the school fees of the children, the applicant offered that schools were closed due to lockdown and students were being educated online. Despite this, the schoolmen are demanding full fees. So till the school is not started directly then the parents should be relieved from paying the full fees.
Regarding online education, the High Court had informed that children’s eyes may be adversely affected due to continuous online education. Apart from this, how will the family, which has more than one child, arrange for online education. The High Court has directed the state government to present the necessary information in this regard.