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Contaminated water treatment plant installed in all water polluting industries

The contaminated water of the industries of Raipur and Durg did not flow into the Kharun river

No water pollution from industries

Durg in Kharun river and no water from any industry of Raipur is being contaminated. Regarding the reports published in this regard, Chhattisgarh Environmental Protection Board has clarified that Gondwara, Sondongri, Birgaon Industrial Area Urla, Sarora, Urkura by the Joint Investigation Team of Municipal Corporation Birgaon and Environment Board on the instructions of Minister of Housing and Environment, Mr. Mohammad Akbar. Industries in and around Ravabhata and Bhanpuri have been inspected, in which it has been found that contaminated water from any industry is not flowing into the Kharun river. Some part of Kharun river is affected by domestic contaminated water. To improve this, the sewage treatment plant is to be set up by the municipal corporations before July 01, 2021, these plants are under construction under the urban bodies. Chhattisgarh Environmental Protection Board has effectively controlled the water pollution caused by water polluting industries and it is also being continuously monitored. Besides, water quality monitoring of natural water sources is also being done. It has also been ensured by the Board of Environmental Protection that all water polluting industries operate along with the establishment of a contaminated water treatment plant. In this case, action is being taken to shut down the industries and power disconnection, and if necessary, court proceedings are also being taken. An inspection by the Chhattisgarh Environmental Protection Board has also found that the quality of drains and Kharun river is not being affected in any way by the water reaching the Kharun River from the industrial areas of Bhanpuri, Urla and Siltra and Durg. Most of the industries located in these areas are air polluting in nature and there is no such situation as the discharge of contaminated water from them into the river drain. There is no such water-polluting industry in the area, which does not have a contaminated water treatment plant. Similarly, the main rivers of the state by the board. The quality of natural water resources in Mahanadi, Shivnath, Kharun, Arpa, Hasdev, Kelo, Shankhani-Dankani, Mand, Indravati are being continuously monitored. For this, various sampling points have been made, from where samples are being regularly checked for water sources. Action is being taken to set up contaminated water treatment plant for treatment of contaminated water generated from urban areas and sewage treatment plant in various drains for treatment of domestic contaminated water.

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