June 9, 2023

In Gopalganj district of Bihar, there is a crack in the approach road of another Mahasetu on the Gandak river. It was inaugurated by Chief Minister Nitish and it was also built by Vashishta Company, which built the Satghat bridge.

There is a crack in the approach road of Jadopur-Mangalpur Mahasetu near Rajwahi village of Sadar block on Gandak river in the district. This Mahasetu was inaugurated by CM Nitish Kumar in the year 2015. This Mahasetu has also been constructed by Vashishta Company. It may be known that a few days ago, the approach road of the newly constructed Satghat bridge in Baikunthpur block of the district was also cut in the flood water. This bridge has also been constructed by Vashishta Company.

About 300 meters from Mahasetu, there is a culvert on Approach Road near Rajwahi village, where a crack has occurred. Due to the rapid flow of the river, the approach road reached a crack and is continuously increasing. Due to this, the district administration has stopped the operation of vehicles at the said Mahasetu connecting Gopalganj to Bettiah district. Whereas, due to the breach in approach road there has been a stir in the administrative department and the Diyaras. 

On the other hand, local residents and district administration are jointly trying to fill the crack. It was told that at present, four and a half lakh cusecs of water is flowing in the Gandak river. Due to which pressure has also been placed on embankments and ravines in many places in the district. Meanwhile, due to cracks in Jadopur-Mangalpur Mahasetu on Thursday morning, it has become more and more difficult.