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December 1, 2020

The Chhattisgarh

Beyond The Region

China was stunned as soon as Prime Minister Modi showed a mirror, said – call us expansionists wrong

Annoyed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s strong message calling China as an ‘expansionist nation’ while addressing troops at the forward post in Ladakh, China called the allegation baseless and said that they were over-presenting things. On 15 June, after the martyrdom of 20 jawans in a clash with China, PM Modi, who arrived on a sudden visit to Ladakh, without addressing the soldiers, said without naming China, “The era of expansionism is over.” This era is of evolutionism. Evolutionism is only relevant in a rapidly changing time. There is an opportunity for developmentalism and developmentalism is also the basis of the future. If someone insists on expansionism, he has always posed a threat to world peace. And do not forget that history is a witness. Such forces have been erased or forced to turn. “

The Chinese Embassy spokesperson reacted sternly to Beijing’s message to China. Chinese Embassy spokesman Ji Rong said, “China has set the border through peaceful negotiations with 12 of its 14 neighboring countries. We have turned the ground borders into friendly cooperation. Seeing China as ‘expansionist'” Is absolutely baseless and is like forging our own disputes with neighboring countries. “

In his address, the Prime Minister indirectly targeted China, saying that expansionism in the last centuries has hurt humanity the most and attempted to destroy humanity. Modi said, “This has always been the experience of the world and on the basis of this experience, now again the whole world has made up its mind against expansionism. Today the world is dedicated to developmentalism and is welcoming the competition of evolutionism. “

Message of India’s strength by army’s might: Modi
, while calling the Ladakh region a symbol of respect for 130 crore Indians, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that the strength shown by the Indian Army, conveyed India’s strength to the world. found it. He also said in his address, “The weak can never initiate peace and heroism is the precondition for peace.” The Prime Minister said, “This whole part of Ladakh is India’s fountainhead. 130 crore Indians Maan is a symbol of respect. This land is the land of national devotees who are always ready to sacrifice everything for India. “

Indicating violent clashes with the Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley, he said, “The valor you and your comrades have shown has sent a message to the whole world about what India’s strength is.” The indomitable courage shown by the valiant sons of the country in the Galvan Valley is the culmination of might. The country is proud of you, proud. “

The visit of the Prime Minister assumes great importance amid the ongoing tension in East Ladakh between the Indian and Chinese military. It is noteworthy that 20 Indian soldiers were killed in violent clashes in the Galvan Valley between the soldiers of India and China. It is estimated that many Chinese soldiers were also killed in this, but nothing was officially said from China.