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China fired missiles near Indian border, rockets rocketed by rain

The ongoing border dispute along the Line of Actual Control in East Ladakh is taking its name from the end of several rounds of talks with China. Meanwhile, the Chinese Army PLA has made vigorous maneuvers along the Indian border to create psychological pressure. China’s state-run Global Times claims that 90 percent of new weapons were used in live fire exercise.

This exercise was done by Tibet Theater Command of PLA at an altitude of 4700 meters. Global Times has also released a video of this exercise. It is seen in this video that the Chinese army attacks in the dark and with the help of drone planes. It is seen in the video that the Chinese army’s rocket force simultaneously destroys an entire mountainous area by making a strong attack.

Not only this, the Chinese army also practiced the guided missile attack. During the exercise, Chinese army cannons also bombarded fiercely. PLA soldiers also displayed missiles to be fired on the shoulder. Global Times claimed that 90 percent of the weapons and equipment involved in this practice are brand new. It is believed that the Chinese newspaper has released this video to create pressure during the India-China talks.

Let us know that even after several rounds of talks between India and China, no solution has been found for the Ladakh deadlock so far. Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has said that the deployment of large number of Chinese troops on the border is in contrast to the agreements reached earlier. In such a situation, when soldiers of two countries are present in tense areas, then the same thing happened on 15 June. Jaishankar said, this behavior not only affects the conversation but also spoils the relationship of 30 years.