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December 2, 2020

The Chhattisgarh

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China Did A Lot Of Damage To The Whole World With America: Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump is once again raging on China. Trump, who has been accusing China of spreading the corona virus epidemic in the world, has said on Monday that China has done a lot of damage to America and the world. Earlier on US Independence Day, he said that when trillions of dollars were coming from some countries to the US treasury, at the same time the country was affected by the virus from China.

Trump also tweeted on Monday, “China has done a lot of damage to America and the whole world.” It is difficult to say in which context he has said this at the moment. Trump has also been a sudden attacker on China before. Right now the military confrontation between the two countries along with Corona is also deepening. While both countries are demonstrating strength in the South China Sea, a few days ago, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that due to the increasing threat from China in Southeast Asia, troops from Europe are being deployed to Asia. is.

‘China Hid the Disease’
Earlier, Trump said, “Gowns, masks and surgical items are being manufactured in the US which were earlier made only in foreign lands, especially in China, where the virus and other things came from. China hid the disease causing it to spread throughout the world. China must be held absolutely responsible for this. Regarding the Corona virus vaccine, Trump said that we are progressing very well.

People on the streets
Tired of China’s aggression and expansionist policies, people are taking to the streets. Indian American, Tibetan and Taiwanese citizens demonstrated fiercely against China at Times Square in New York. During this time people also saw posters like Boycott China and Stop Chinese Abuse. Two days ago there were tremendous performances against China in Chicago.