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Gaurav Jain, Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi. As soon as the summer season arrives, the problem of drinking water starts. People of remote areas of the district are still struggling with basic facilities like drinking water. The residents here are forced to drink dirty contaminated water from the river drain. Due to which the villagers here remain at serious risk of ill health.

There is a huge problem of drinking water in Dhanuharitola of Gram Panchayat Katra village of Marwahi assembly constituency. The entire area is elephant affected. Due to which the danger of wild animals also remains here. The people here bring water from the river in the forest several kilometers away. By making a small pit in the sand on the bank of the river, the men and women of the village take turns to extract water.

Through the Central Government's Tap Water Scheme, a promise is made to provide water to people's homes through tap connections. But the reality is that water has not yet reached the tap. Many governments changed but till today their condition remains the same. The villagers here say that MPs and MLAs come during elections to ask for votes and leave after giving assurances. Even after repeatedly informing the responsible administrative officials of Gaurela Pendra Marwahi district, the arrangements here have not improved.

Due to lack of pure water system, many people around that village are forced to drink dirty water from the river and drain due to compulsion and indifferent attitude of the government administration.

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