Weather in Chhattisgarh: Raipur. The weather of Chhattisgarh has changed again. On Sunday, there was hailstorm amid the storm at many places in the state, while at some places it rained. The weather in the capital changed early on Monday morning and it became cloudy as the morning dawned, and then heavy rain brought coolness to the weather.

At the same time, the Meteorological Department estimates that there may be hailstorm at some places in the state or light rain may also occur intermittently. On Sunday, there was hailstorm in Palari, Balodabazar, Bhatapara, Kawardha, Jashpur and surrounding areas. There has been rain with strong wind in Gaurela, Pendra and Marwahi areas. There were 50 percent clouds in the capital Raipur and surrounding areas. There was a cycle of sun and shade throughout the day. But as the evening approached, strong winds started blowing.

A slight increase in temperature was recorded. According to the information received from the weather center, the maximum temperature was recorded at 32.2 degrees Celsius in Raipur, 31.7 in Mana, 29.6 in Bilaspur, 23.4 in Pendraroad, 25 in Ambikapur, 33 in Jagdalpur, 29.4 in Durg and 33 degrees Celsius in Rajnandgaon. Last night the minimum temperature of Raipur was 18.9 degrees Celsius.