Dr. Vaibhav Bemetariha, Raipur. BJP leaders and workers are eagerly waiting for the Lok Sabha election results in Chhattisgarh, because after the formation of the government, the leaders and workers are eager to get a place in the Corporation, Board and Commission. And their wait may end with the election results. According to sources, Chief Minister Sai has considered many names. The first list may come a few days after the code of conduct is lifted.

From the BJP office to the party and opposition corridors, those who got posts and those who did not get them are also waiting every evening in the Corporation-Board-Commission. In fact, many decisions have been taken in the Sai government, hence BJP workers and leaders are also waiting for appointments day and night. Those waiting for the opportunity also include some senior BJP leaders who have been deprived of becoming ministers in the Sai government, who have not been able to contest the 2023 assembly elections, and who have not been able to get the Lok Sabha ticket. At the same time, there are some grassroots workers who have been silently working for the organization without any profit or loss. Not only this, some people from the Sangh are also said to be involved in all this.

According to the information, Chief Minister Sai has done a round of brainstorming regarding the appointments to be made at such places. Discussions have also been held with Delhi. Some prominent names of the initial list are said to be final. However, there is still doubt whether this list will come by evening, because there has to be reshuffle and expansion in the cabinet before the Corporation-Board-Commission.

Many senior MLAs are also in the queue to get a place in the cabinet. Besides, some new MLAs have also intensified their activism. It is being discussed that a name has been decided by the Sangh. Well, there are only a few in the cabinet who will come in and go out, but there is a huge space to get a place in the Corporation-Board-Commission. Those leaders who were deprived of getting a place in the cabinet have also started trying to make a place in this vacant place, they can establish their place in this place.

In this sequence of gaining space and influence, politics of manipulation will also continue, because in this sequence, those leaders who have come with expectations of getting something from the other party also became active. Now who will get it, where and how much? For this we will have to wait a little more.

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