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Kawardha. A fisherman who had gone to catch fish in Saroda Dam of the district was surprised when some heavy object got stuck in the net laid by him. During this time a fisherman pulled the net but could not take it out. Then two more fishermen arrived to help him and started pulling the net out with full force. After this, as soon as the thing stuck in the net was seen, the three fishermen were surprised. Because a giant fish was trapped in the net.

This fish found in Sarodha Dam is about six to seven feet long and weighs about 80 kilos. The news of finding such a huge fish spread throughout the area within a short time and within no time a crowd of people gathered at the spot. Whoever saw this giant fish kept looking at it. Now its video is going viral on social media.

Saroda Dam surrounded by mountains on three sides

Along with the waterfalls, Saroda Dam is also present among the Maikal Mountains. This dam is surrounded by mountains on three sides. A large amount of fish are found in this dam. There is a demand for the fishes caught since then in the surrounding cities. This is the reason why people come here from far and wide to catch and buy fish.

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