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Purushottam Patra, Gariaband. To promote the tradition of Holi as well as love for nature, Holi is being celebrated in a unique way in the Gau Shala of Kandsar for the last 18 years. This time in Holi, ladybug, bat and Palas tree have been made guests along with mother cow. Today Havan has started from Brahmamuhurta. Purnahuti will take place on the day of full moon. Then Holi will be played by applying tilak of the same Bhabhuti.

Let us tell you that the mother cow, which was taken out for field visit two days ago, returned. Before the commencement of the Yagya to be held on Brahma Muhurta on 23rd January, people gathered in Kadsar Basti, 3 km away from the Ashram, to welcome the guest palas tree, ladybird insect and bats made this time along with cow mother. After the welcome ceremony, hundreds of mothers were carrying the Kalash Yatra. After spreading a white cloth carpet till the Yagya place, the guests were welcomed with musical instruments and worship at various places and were taken to the meeting place in the cow shed. The organization of the meeting started late in the evening.

Holi will be played with the ashes of havan

In this event, followers of Baba Uday Nath present in the area, whose number is 7 thousand. All of them and apart from this, Hindu organizations, unions and Gausevaks from different places of the state also participated. Starting from March 23, the yagya will continue for three days. The completion of Havan will be performed on 25th March in Brahma Muhurta. Then Holi will be played peacefully in the Gau Shala premises by applying Tilak with the ashes of this sacrifice. A special Bhandara will be organized for three days. Arrangements for the grains and materials to be used in the Bhandara are made by the gifts received from the followers and the Gaushala Management Committee.

Purpose of expressing gratitude towards nature

Regarding the purpose of this unique Holi event in 2005, Baba Uday Nath explains that we should express our gratitude towards nature on some pretext or the other. Holi is our eternal tradition, but with time people have started changing its form. Along with keeping its followers away from the polluted environment created due to alcohol consumption, it was started to explain the importance of the animals that help nature and to maintain faith in them, and today thousands of people are joining it. Friends, animals, trees and plants are made guests in the event every year by turns. Mother Cow always plays the role of the chief guest.

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