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Raipur. A new religious history will be created on March 6 before Mahashivratri in Shivdham located in village Tulsi (Patan). Of all the types of Shivling in religious scriptures, the 108 kg Shivling made of mercury, which is miraculous and best for all spiritual practices, will be consecrated here. Mercury is a very fluid. The Shivalinga made from this is very sacred and powerful. Just by seeing it, negative forces get destroyed and positive forces get infused with happiness and prosperity.

The Parad Shivalinga Pratishtha ceremony has been organized on March 6 at 10:15 am in the Shivdham pilgrimage area developed on the banks of Kharun river by Shivdham Research and Service Institute, Raipur. The sacred and wonderful consecration ritual will take place from the lotus flowers of Peethadhishwar Baba Siddharth Gautam Ram of Aghor Peeth Krim Kund, Varanasi. On this occasion, the deities of Aghor Ganesh, Maa Parvati and Baba Kaal Bhairav ​​will also be consecrated. The huge Shivalinga of Aghoreshwar Bholenath will also be consecrated in the grand temple. In this temple itself, Lord Aghoreshwar Ram and Maa Kali (Aghoreshwari) are physically present in the form of statues.

Darshan and worship of Parad Shivling in Shivdham is very beneficial for the devotees. This increases respect, fame, wealth and prosperity. According to religious texts, the gods had gifted Parad Shivling to Hanumanji. Many types of rituals are performed on various occasions including Navratri and Mahashivaratri in Shivdham located in village Tulsi on the Patan route from Mahadevghat to Amleshwar Sankara via Motipur, Jheet and Khudmuri. After the consecration of Parad Shivalinga, this area will become even more powerful.

This is how we reached the temple

Parad Shivalinga has the power to destroy all sins and diseases. Mahadev becomes happy by touching it. By worshiping Parad Shivling, one gets the virtue of seeing 12 Jyotirlingas. Mercury is very dear to Lord Shiva. Mercury originated from a part of Lord Shiva. Mahakaal and Mahakali themselves protect the one who worships Parad Shivalinga. Pardeshwar Mahadev is seen at very few places. Shiv devotees of Chhattisgarh will now get the privilege of darshan and worship of Parad Shivling in Shivdham. This temple is from Mahadev Ghat to Amaleshwar, Sankara, Motipur, left village Jheet from Motipur, after Khudmuri village Tulsi (5 km before Patan).

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