Raipur. Statement has come out in the case of firing in Sarnath Express. Chief Public Relations Officer (Bilaspur) Saket Ranjan said that today at 5.45 am, Sarnath Express which was going from Chapra to Durg. In that, the RPF team was escorting from Uslapur station to Raipur station. Which included 4 constables and a sub inspector.

While alighting from S2 coach train in Raipur, a constable’s gun was probably accidentally fired. This bullet hit the same constable himself and this bullet was taken out of his body and also hit a passenger sleeping on the upper berth. The constable died due to this incident. While the passenger has been admitted to Ram Krishna Care Hospital. Where his condition is stable. The reasons for the incident are being investigated.

Bullet fired in Sarnath Express, soldier killed, passenger injured pic.twitter.com/jQT8gOoVd1

— Pratik Chauhan (Lalluram.Com) (@pratikchauhan29) February 10, 2024

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