Dr. Vaibhav Bemetariha, Raipur. The government wants to further improve the Naxal rehabilitation policy in Chhattisgarh. For this, Home Minister Vijay Sharma has sought advice directly from the Naxalites. Email ID and form were also released by Home Minister Sharma. The Home Minister held a meeting on this issue with officials and local journalists in Jagdalpur on Wednesday.

Lalluram.com talked to Home Minister Sharma regarding this issue. He informed that Naxal rehabilitation policy is in place in Chhattisgarh. But we want to make this policy even better. For this, the Home Department has also studied the policies of 5 states. After study, it can be said that the policy of Chhattisgarh is better than other states. Nevertheless, our aim is to make this policy more effective. With this objective, the Home Department has sought suggestions directly from the Naxalites. Email ID and form were also issued for this.

The Home Minister also informed that local journalists have a big and important role in making this policy better and successful. Of those journalists who report at the grassroots level, in the forests among the tribals and Naxalites. I have also met and discussed in detail with such journalists. Because Naxalites convey their message through these journalists only. We have also given email ID and form to the journalists. In true sense, the role of all sections of the society is important in ending the problem of Naxalism. And I consider journalists as a strong link between the government, society and those who work apart from the mainstream of society. I have requested the journalists regarding this topic. Hopefully we will get better results on this with time.

On the suggestion of talks through human rights activists, he said that if talks are held with both the parties, then they will definitely be held. But how can we talk to those who remain silent on the violence of Naxalites and do not say anything on the killing of innocent tribals or martyrdom of soldiers? I am ready to talk to all those who are ready to talk from both the sides. It will not be a one-sided talk.

On the question of Naxalites of Chhattisgarh surrendering in Andhra Pradesh, he said, “It is true that some Naxalites surrender in other states because their cadre works in Andhra and Telangana. This can also be a reason, there can be some other reasons as well. But in the last few months, Naxalites have surrendered in large numbers in Chhattisgarh. The Sai government and the Modi government have a clear policy on Naxalism. Its benefits are being seen on all fronts. We have given an open offer for talks. Along with this, retaliatory action is also being taken as per the need. The government’s policy is for complete peace and development in Bastar.

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