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Kondagaon. Kondagaon police has revealed a sensational case of murder. In fact, in the case of murder of a girl that took place on February 16 in Kurlubahar village of the district, the police has arrested her own lover. The accused lover killed his girlfriend and gave the entire incident the form of suicide. This matter is of Makdi police station area.

According to the information, Ramnath Dhruv lodged a report at Makdi police station that his daughter had gone to village Kurlubhar with her village friend on 16 February to attend the wedding of the daughter of relative Anduram Markam. But the daughter did not return home at night, after which the father went to her friend Asmati and inquired. During this time, friend Asmati told that she had returned with her daughter at 10.30 pm in Mahesh’s motorcycle. When the applicant’s daughter did not come home, the addresses of nearby people and relatives were searched. On February 18, the village people came to know that daughter Bhusarkali had hanged herself in the forest. On which the police established a track and started investigation. Initial investigation found the girl’s death suspicious. After which the police started investigating the case closely.

PM report reveals murder case

In the post-mortem report, the doctor said that the deceased died due to strangulation. On which the police registered a case of murder and started searching for the accused. On the basis of technical input, police took Lakhichand Markam, aged 24 years, into custody and interrogated him. In which the accused told that he was having a love affair with the deceased since April 2023. The accused had physical relations with the deceased several times, promising to marry her. The accused’s family had fixed his relationship with a girl from Orissa and the accused was also about to get engaged. When the girlfriend came to know about this, she became very sad and started pressurizing the accused to break the relationship with the girl. Due to which the accused got angry and he planned to kill the deceased to get her out of his way. After that, on the day of the incident, around 2 pm, the accused searched on Google on his mobile for a medicine to kill people.

Murder of girlfriend by calling on the pretext of meeting

On the same day, the deceased called the accused Lakhichand and told him that she was coming to Kurlubhar village for her relative’s wedding, then the accused expressed his desire to meet her at night. After attending the wedding, the deceased along with her friend Asmati went to her village on the motorcycle of her cousin Mahesh. Mahesh left the deceased in front of her house and went back to the wedding. Instead of going to her home, the deceased called the accused and invited him to meet her. Accused Lakhichand came on a bike and made the deceased sit and took her towards Bhusarkali forest and had physical relations with her. After that he strangulated his girlfriend with her chunari and hanged her from a tree.