Shivam Mishra, Raipur. There has been a stir in the capital as soon as the major police action against MDMA and cocaine drugs has come to light. Police investigation has intensified to break the synthetic drug network in the city. Four accused, including Ayush Aggarwal, the main kingpin of MDMA and cocaine drugs smuggling, his female associate and an interstate accused have been arrested. Now the police is looking for those customers who used to buy drugs from these smugglers.

The police has prepared the horoscope of many such customers of the city, who were in contact with smugglers including Ayush Aggarwal. Police investigation has revealed that Ayush Aggarwal used to prepare a broadcast group of his customers and send them the price and variety of drugs. From the big hotels of the city to the techno and after parties held on weekends, the drug supply lines are seen being connected. The special team of police and crime branch is busy investigating the entire matter.

Notice will be issued to famous hotels of the city

The Crime Branch has prepared the horoscope of a dozen big renowned hotels of the city, about which some important information will be collected by issuing a notice soon. Not only this, the hotels under investigation will also be summoned for questioning. Information will be collected about the hotels of the city and the big techno/Bollywood parties held there. According to sources, police notices will soon be issued to many hotels including Hotel Shamrock, Hotel Boutique Arena, Sayaji, Courtyard, Hotel Sheetal International, Hotel Clarks Inn, Hotel Grand Imperia. Police is going to collect information about customers through this notice. What type of rooms are booked by customers in hotels? Which IDs are used in these? Hotel room bookings are being done through online or offline medium. For what reasons are customers booking rooms? What is their activity like during this period? What kind of people are attending the after parties held in the hotel, due to which many important clues related to drug smuggling will be available to the police.

Horoscope of 150 customers taking drugs ready

Police hands are soon reaching the last customer of this nexus. Many big revelations have been made from the mobile phones of drug smugglers. According to the police, more than 150 customers were in contact with the smugglers. Most of these are customers from cities like Raipur, Durg, Bhilai, Bilaspur. Not only this, many names of Ayush and his associates have also emerged from the bank details, whose transactions were mostly done on the accounts of Ayush Aggarwal, for whom the police is busy searching. Soon a major police action will be taken against all of them. According to sources, Ayush Aggarwal was also in contact with many big businessmen of the city, whom the police is going to summon for questioning soon.

The entire drug network will be wiped out – Sandeep Mittal

Raipur Crime Branch’s Additional SP Sandeep Mittal himself is leading the entire case of drug smuggling. He said that complete investigation is going on on all angles. Techno parties held in city hotels and after parties will be fully monitored. There is special monitoring of every activity taking place in these parties. Information will be sought by issuing notices to hotels. The special team of Narcotics Wing has been activated. The crime branch team will soon reach the end of this nexus. An intensive checking campaign will be conducted in the courier companies of the city, buses and other vehicles coming from other states.

International network of drug smuggling!

He is suspected to be linked to a Nigerian gang involved in drug smuggling. Police suspect that Mahesh, who supplies drugs from Delhi, is in contact with a Nigerian gang, which directly supplies drugs to India from abroad. In this case, clues have emerged from the mobile phones and laptops recovered from Ayush and Mahesh. Soon the police team is going to leave for other states.

Unique way of supplying drugs to the customers of the city

Ayush Aggarwal’s gang used to adopt similar methods in the supply of drugs as in the Netflix series Money Heist. The entire gang used to work in the same manner by naming everyone in a film style. Similarly, people of Ayush’s gang also used to supply drugs in a unique way. Earlier, orders for drugs were taken by creating WhatsApp groups and broadcasts of city customers. Then after taking the online payment, the peddler would leave the drugs safely at some other place far away from the customer’s live location. Then he would call the customer and inform him about taking drugs from that place, so that the identity of the peddler is not revealed to the customer.

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