Jitendra Sinha, Rajim. The Nagar Panchayat took action against illegal encroachers on the banks of Garibnath Pond located in the old bus stand complex, the heart of the city. Along with the administrative staff, about 5 carts and kiosk-like shops were demolished and evicted with bulldozers.

To take action against illegal encroachments located on Fingeshwar Mahasamund main road, Homan Dhruv Tehsildar Fingeshwar and a large number of Nagar Panchayat employees along with police forces were present on the spot and carried out the entire action. However, during the eviction of illegal encroachers on the main road, a crowd of angry villagers continued protesting at Mauka Sthal, due to which traffic on the main road was disrupted for almost an hour.

The traffic jam starts flowing at the entrance of the city late in the evening.

The entrance gate of the city. An illegal cart and kiosk-like shop has been operating for a long time near Rani Shyam Kumari Devi Chowk. Due to this, traffic on major roads gets affected and there is a possibility of a major accident. Being the main entrance, when senior public representatives and ministers and MLAs arrive in the city, workers are given a grand welcome by bursting fireworks from this square itself. The important responsible officials of the city also pass through this route. Despite this, rural women also become victims of embarrassment as this square becomes a den of anti-social people late in the evening.

Regarding this matter, Homan Dhruv Tehsildar Fingeshwar said that he has been given notice to remove illegal carts and kiosk-like shops. If the illegal occupation is not removed by the stipulated date, strict action will be taken by the administration.

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