Raipur. PCC Chief Deepak Baij has left for Delhi to attend the meeting of the Central Election Committee of Congress. Earlier, he discussed with the media at the airport. Regarding the meeting, he told that there is a meeting in Delhi this evening. Names will be decided on all the 11 Lok Sabha seats of Chhattisgarh. Which will include old and new faces. Names of big leaders will also be in the list.

On the murder of BJP leaders, Baij said that the BJP government has become completely helpless. Incidents of murder are happening continuously in Bastar. BJP used to accuse Congress government of target killing. What is happening in Bastar today? The government should answer.

On the State Investigation Agency (SIA), the PCC Chief said that the state government has lost confidence in the central agency? NIA, ED, IT, SIT all are doing the same work. Why the need to form a new agency? Formation of SIA will be a financial burden on the government.

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