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Raipur. Mahadev, who always showered blessings on everyone, had accepted Halahal keeping in mind the welfare of everyone. Bholenath did all this for the welfare and protection of others, but do we keep these things in mind in our lives? Do we have the same feelings to protect the country and culture? Today we will pay tribute to Lord Ashutosh through the story of Samudra Manthan. Will discuss.

Mahashivratri holds importance for many reasons. One belief is that Lord Shankar and Mother Parvati got married on this day and this festival is celebrated every year to celebrate their divine union. Besides, it also symbolizes the union of Shiva and Shakti.

The churning of the ocean started with the churning of Mandrachal and the leadership of Vasuki. There was some dispute regarding the names of the mouth part and the tail part but it was resolved. Brainstorming started. There should be a strong ground for brainstorming, there should be a basis for brainstorming. Mandarachal started sinking due to lack of support. There is a story of Kachhapa incarnation in Shrimad Bhagwat. The back part of the turtle is very hard. Consider this a little seriously. The great campaign of churning nectar started on the back of Sri Hari in the form of tortoise.

The spiritual meaning of sinking of Mandarachal is that in order to attain nectar in the world, the mind should be churned. If you churn the mind with the rope of occult sacred feelings, then the truth of life which is the happiness which is the easy happiness will be revealed, but the churning of the mind The basis must be correct. In the land of rich spirituality of India, if the mind is churned as per the beliefs, the nectar of life will appear and wait for your orders. In the churning of the ocean, before the nectar, there was chaos, poison came out, its fierce flame disturbed the balance of nature and there was an outcry. The greenery dried up, the buds of pleasant possibilities scorched and fell. Nature lost the joy of birds chirping sweetly. That's how Halahal turned out to be poison. In any big ritual, public function or campaign, the poisonous and bitter side of condemnation or criticism first appears before the fame fades away. This is a natural process. This is a disguised form of Halahal coming out before the nectar comes out, which is still there today. So in the churning of the ocean, poison came out before the nectar. Be it the poison of the period of churning of the ocean or the poison of today's criticism, only the truth can digest it and accept it. On the request of the gods, Shiva drank that garal.

Shiva put that stone in his throat and became Neelkanth. Brahma is the creator of the universe, Vishnu is the protector, Shiva is the destroyer, but he drank poison for the welfare of the world, “Jarat sakal sur vrind, visham garal jehi paan kiya, tehi na bhajas man mand ko kripalu shankar saris” ok Similarly, the garble of criticism should neither be kept in the tongue nor in the stomach, it should be kept in the throat. By embracing criticism, if there will be a continuous flow of the sweet Ganga of cool spirituality in the mind, if there will be discipline of our Vedic beliefs, then the poison of criticism will itself become ineffective. Today, with shattered sensitivities, infected lifestyle, dwarfed life values, our high ideals standing far away helpless, are waiting for the appearance of such Shiva. “If you can drink Garal then you can become Shiv Shankar” If you can give up the pleasures of the state then you can become Ramchandra” Shiva, who has the ability to drink the poison of criticism to establish concepts and life values, is worthy of grace.

– Sandeep Akhil, Consulting Editor,