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Rohit Kashyap, Mungeli. On one hand, cases of rigging in the recruitment of Anganwadi workers and assistants are continuously coming to light in Mungeli district. On the other hand, district in-charge minister Lakhanlal Dewangan has taken cognizance of this matter and has instructed the officials of the Women and Child Development Department to correct the irregularities under the guidance of Collector Rahul Dev.

Let us tell you that there are many complaints of irregularities in the recruitment of Anganwadi workers and assistants in the Mungeli Block Project Office of the Women and Child Development Department. Many cases related to irregularities have reached the higher officials and the Collector in the department. The investigation is going on, but the heat of the investigation has not reached anyone. As a result of which the officers of the recruitment department have resorted to arbitrary attitude. The exploits here keep making headlines in the media every day. This is the reason why now the minister has also taken this matter seriously. In fact, the district in-charge minister Lakhanlal Dewangan took a meeting of the officers and reviewed the department-wise schemes of the central and state government and also gave necessary instructions to the officers.

what is the complaint

Ignoring the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Women and Child Development Department for the recruitment of Anganwadi workers and assistants, Pramila Pandey, posted at the Integrated Child Development Project Office, Mungeli-1, located at the district headquarters of Mungeli district, made her own rules to provide benefits to the desired candidates. Recruitment is being done by making different recruitment rules. This is not mentioned by us, but in the recent written complaint given by the Congressmen to the Collector in the name of the Chief Minister. It has also been said in the complaint that irregularities are being committed by the officials of the project office by transacting money.

Understand how the problem is being perpetrated..?

The complainants have provided documents to describing the irregularities, understand for yourself how the irregularities are being carried out.

Advertisement recruitment was issued on 25 April 2023 for Anganwadi worker in Integrated Child Development Project Office Mungeli-1, in which it has been said that ignoring the guidelines issued by the Ministry of the Department, the effective list will include women from families living below the poverty line. If this happens, additional marks will be given in the survey list issued by the joint signature of the competent officer or the Sarpanch Secretary, which will include Bhathri, Chhatauna, Barduli, Karhi, Charbhatha, Nawagaon Ghu, Barela, Kesruwadih, Dhangaon Go., Pithampur, Farhada, Karhi, Nuniyacchar, Balodi. Panchayat recruitment is included. But after 2 months, in the same project office, on 19 June 2023, a recruitment advertisement was issued for Gandhinagar of Sodhar Panchayat, in which it is clearly written. If she is a woman from a family living below the poverty line, the certificate issued by the competent authority from the effective list will be valid. There is no mention of the competent authority in this.

Complainants say that how the same project was carried out by the same officer by the same officer, not only by making different recruitment rules, but also by making different recruitment rules, the advertisement was issued and the eligible candidates were deprived of the rights as per the rules made by the officers. Remained. This is being said because in an advertisement recruitment, the candidate was invalidated due to not having the certificate of Sarpanch Secretary. Was accepted for recruitment in the same department. Whereas in the project offices of Mungeli Project 2, Lormi, Patharia of the district, additional marks of BPL are being given on the certificate itself by the competent authority. In fact, even in project number 1 of Mungeli, earlier 6 marks were given after getting certified by the competent authority, but by changing the rules, not only a disturbance but a big rigging is being carried out.

Are you bidding for money?

Speaking to, Nageshwari, a complainant, has also alleged that the department officials are selecting only the candidate who is paying the highest amount, even if he is ineligible for recruitment. going.

In fact, Nageshwari, a resident of Kanchanpur in Mungeli development block, has also given a written complaint to the Collector saying that the Anganwadi assistant has been recruited in Mungeli project number 2. He was being selected in that, but instead of selecting him, a candidate has been selected who is not currently a resident of Kanchanpur village. She got married two years ago and left the village. Making serious allegations, he also said that the department is openly bidding for the recruitment of Anganwadi workers and assistants; the one who is paying more money is being selected. Now the thing to be seen in this matter is what further action will be taken after the instructions of the departmental minister.

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