Raipur. Kabir stands in the market, wishing well for everyone, neither friendship with anyone nor enmity with anyone… This message of peace and harmony is Kabir Panth i.e. Kabir’s path or Kabir’s way. Kabir Panth is not a religion or caste, but a path shown by Satguru Kabir Sahib. There are many followers of Kabir Panth in Chhattisgarh. In some areas, the followers of this sect have a good influence.

A large number of people from Manikpuri Panika Samaj and Sahu Samaj are associated with Kabir sect. In Chhattisgarh, around 72 lakh people follow this sect. Whereas their population across the country is around 96 lakh. Apart from Chhattisgarh, there are many Kabirpanthis in Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat. One of these is Potiyakala village of Durg district.

Except for a few houses, the entire village belongs to Kabirpanthis. Kabirpanthis believe that Kabir’s relevance has increased even more today. Hypocrisy is prevalent everywhere, in such a situation Kabir’s path can save us from this. The youth is falling prey to vices like meat and alcohol, Kabir’s path can save them from going astray. Kabir Panth walks on the true path. There is no place for hypocrisy. This path is based on karma, but Kabirji was strictly against useless rituals.

Followers consider Sant Kabir as an incarnation

It is not at all necessary to leave home and family for renunciation. Kabirpanthis worship the formless form of God and consider devotion to God supreme by staying away from any kind of worship and recitation. Followers of Sant Kabir consider him an incarnation. He was not born from the womb of any mother. He appeared in the form of a child on a lotus flower in the Tahartala pond of Kashi. Neeru (Noor Ali) and his wife Neema brought him to their home in Julaha Mohalla and brought him up. Shri Ramanandacharya Maharaj was his guru. In Kabir sect, the book Bijak written by Sant Kabir is considered central and it is considered the best. God is worshipped and all other religious activities are done according to the book Bijak. The literal meaning of Bijak is seed.

Muswadih is the second pilgrimage place of Kabirpanthis in the state. After Damakheda, Muswadih is the second place among the pilgrimage places of Kabirpanthis in Chhattisgarh. It is situated in the sixth Kabir Shanti Stambh of the country located in Muswadih village of Saja block. This area has become a national symbol of faith for Kabirpanthis.

Saint Manihar Dewan was a resident of Dewaribhat. According to the information received, Saint Manihar Dewan Saheb was not originally a resident of Musawadih, rather he is said to be a resident of village Dewaribhat near Khairagarh. At present, there is not a single person in village Musawadih and the surrounding area who has seen Dewan Saheb. The mausoleum of Saint Manihar Dewan Saheb in this village was built by the elders of the villagers. According to the old tradition, every year people of Kabir sect and other communities, whose faith is associated with this place, perform Chauka-Aarti in Dewan Saheb’s monastery.