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Jashpur. 8 year old innocent Sandhya Raut, who was in trouble after swallowing a pin while brushing her teeth after eating, has got a new life due to the initiative of CM Camp. These days, Sandhya is recovering after returning home after a successful operation at DK Hospital in Raipur. Sandhya’s parents have expressed gratitude to Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai for saving the life of their piece of liver.

Ravi Shankar, father of Sandhya Raut, resident of Dongadarha of Farsabahar block of Jashpur district, told that about a month ago, Sandhya unwisely took the alpin in her mouth and accidentally swallowed it. When the pin went into the innocent child’s stomach, it was open. The innocent child started suffering severe pain due to the prick of the pin stuck in the intestines of the stomach. Feeling restless due to pain, eight year old Sandhya started crying badly. To save her life, Sandhya’s parents got her examined at a local hospital. Doctors detected the pin stuck in the stomach through X-ray and tried to remove it, but they could not succeed.

Doctors advised Ravi Shankar to take him to a big hospital and undergo an operation, but financial constraints blocked Ravi Shankar’s path. In such a situation, he appealed to the CM camp located in Bagiya of Kansabel block of the district for help in the treatment of Sandhya. Seeing the critical condition of the innocent child, the CM camp immediately contacted the health department and made arrangements for Sandhya’s treatment at DKS Super Specialty Hospital in Raipur. Here, after examining the victim Sandhya, the doctors performed abdominal surgery and took out the pin stuck in her stomach and gave her a new lease of life. She has returned home after getting proper treatment. The family has expressed gratitude to Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai for the noble initiative.

Stone was also treated

When Sandhya’s parents took Sandhya to DKS hospital for treatment, suffering from the pain of a pin stuck in her stomach, the doctors found during examination that innocent Sandhya also had the problem of stones, which could harm her health in the future. Along with removing the pin, the doctors also relieved Sandhya from the problem of stones.

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