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Prateek Chauhan, Raipur. Following the news of Lalluram.com, the State GST team raided Sun Shine Caterers on Monday afternoon. The team was investigating GST evasion in the station till 10:30 pm. Now it has been revealed that the department can expose a big GST evasion from here.

We had already told in the news of Lalluram.com that the GST number of the said company is closed since 2017. In the investigation of the department, it has become clear that Sun Shine Caterers has not deposited any GST for the last 7 years. That means she is continuously evading GST. The GST team has sealed all the documents from the office behind Stall A4. In which complete information about sales is available.

The entire GST team came out after taking action at 10:22 pm.

Sources Sun Shine Caterers collects license fees of around Rs 7 lakh. Apart from this, 15 percent commission is given to vendors, although this has been reduced to 10 percent in the last few days. Apart from this, railway electricity bill and other expenses.

After examining the documents and other items seized from there, GST officials are trying to find out their total sales. On the basis of which GST evasion will be exposed.

Lalluram.com has learned from sources that the total daily sales of Sun Shine Caterers are in lakhs. If even the minimum GST evasion is calculated on the basis of license fee, it can be more than Rs 1 crore after penalty. Because GST imposes the same penalty on theft. That is, if GST evasion of Rs 50 lakh is caught, then after the fine, he will have to pay tax of Rs 1 crore and accordingly, GST evasion of more than Rs 50 lakh to Rs 1 crore is expected to be exposed.

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