Lakshika Sahu, Raipur. A meeting of Raipur Municipal Corporation MIC was held on Monday in the capital of Chhattisgarh, where Municipal Corporation Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner and Zone Commissioners were present along with the members of MIC. During this meeting, Congress councilor Anwar Hussain started protesting outside the meeting hall in a semi-nude state.

Congress councilor accuses BJP MIC members

Anwar Hussain alleges that he repeatedly told Mayor Ejaz Dhebar about the problems of the ward in the general assembly, but even after that the problem was not resolved. The MIC is sitting here, neither the issues are discussed nor any action plan is made. The tenders for the work were manipulated. When the officials are asked to show the drawing design, they do not do so. The contractors do as they please. What answer should we give to the public?

He said that MIC is useless and does not talk about public issues. Many attempts were made to discuss with MIC but MIC members do not even pick up the phone of Congress councillors. Due to this, they protested the meeting in a semi-nude state.

On the other hand, BJP targeted the Congress over the statement given by Mayor Aijaz Dhebar for the Congress councillor and said that the internal conflict in the Congress party is coming to the fore. Actually, Anwar Hussain’s allegation was that he did not discuss even after trying. But the Mayor, going beyond the allegation of his own party’s councillor, accused councillor Anwar Hussain of not discussing. Along with this, he said that Anwar Hussain’s opposition is being told all this by believing someone else’s words.

Know what Mayor Ejaz Dhebar said

After the MIC meeting, the mayor said about this protest that if he had any problem, he should have told me. When the contractor did not tell me the drawing design, I told the contractor to tell the design to the respected councilor, he will be satisfied after seeing it. He further said that if any work was not being done then he (Anwar Hussain) should have discussed it. On the mayor’s statement about his dictatorial attitude, Ejaz Dhebar said that we also know who is making him say all this.

Deputy Leader of Opposition Manoj Verma targeted Congress

Deputy Leader of Opposition Manoj Verma has targeted the Congress party over the statement of Mayor Ejaz Dhebar in the matter. He said that this kind of opposition within a party shows how the Mayor’s work has been in the last five years. Today its result has come that his own councillors are opposing him.

Manoj Verma further said that during the entire summer, Raipur Municipal Corporation kept claiming that it is capable of solving other problems along with water. But water problem was seen in most of the wards. The condition of the city has become junk, painting could not be done, only demolition action is taken. This clearly shows how hollow the claims of the corporation are.

There should be a discussion on development work in the MIC. If a councillor is opposing, we support him. If a councillor is opposing, we support him.