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Virendra Gahwai, Bilaspur. Troubled by the Patwari not demarcating his land, the farmer has sought permission from the Collector for euthanasia. This case is of Tanda village of Bilaspur. The victim farmer has alleged that the Patwari has been harassing him for the last one year in the name of demarcation of the land and is also threatening him.

According to the information, the land of farmer Ghasidas Vaishnav, resident of village Tanda, is Khasra No. 1281/1, 1316/4, 1316/6 respectively which are recorded in the revenue records. Which the farmer asked from Patwari Shashank Tripathi along with B-1, map and note sheet. But Patwari gave only B-1 on 7th February. When the farmer asked for the map, he was turned away saying that there was no server. After which when he went the next day to collect the maps and complete documents, the Patwari said that Khasra no. On 1316/6 I have made a deal with another. Register the said land by taking one lakh rupees.

The farmer says that he does not know the said land nor is the Patwari telling him about it. Whereas 1281/1, 1316/4 measles land is in the knowledge of the farmer. Khasra no. Patwari is not giving information regarding land 1316/6 for almost 1 year. The farmer is being threatened by the Patwari for asking for land papers.

The farmer alleges that the Patwari is talking about selling the land of Khasra No. 1316/6 himself. The Patwari says that he will not reveal the said land of measles and says that wherever there is a complaint to be made, do so. For this he cites political leaders. Due to which the mental and financial condition of the farmer is very bad. Now the victim farmer is demanding euthanasia (suicide) due to the threat of Patwari Shashank Tripathi.