Raipur. The cabinet members of Chhattisgarh government participated in the two-day Chintan Shivir organised at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Naya Raipur with the spirit of students. In this, they discussed with subject experts from across the country to fulfil the vision of “Developed Chhattisgarh” with their regional participation in realising the concept of “Developed India”.

Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sharma, a participant in the camp, while giving his reaction to the media during the Chintan Shivir, said that Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai has told all of us that we should study continuously throughout our lives. We, the members of the cabinet, are sitting with pen and paper like school children. Quiz is being conducted. Continuous discussions are being held with renowned subject experts from all over the country on various subjects. All these things will be useful for the government in its future work.

Deputy CM Sharma said that learning happens in every moment of life and it is a very important subject. For the government as well as for innovation. And I think that it is helpful in all things on a personal level as well.