Purushottam Patra, Gariaband. Construction of a collective water supply scheme worth Rs 8.45 crore started to provide drinking water from Tel River to the people of 9 villages including Supabeda suffering from kidney disease. But even before this, the diaphragm wall being built by the Irrigation Department is proving to be a hindrance to its success.

The upper part of this wall, which was being built at a cost of Rs 2 crore, had collapsed in the last rain. The Irrigation Department was preparing to rebuild the broken portion as soon as the flow in the river reduced. Meanwhile, the NIT report has given sleepless nights to the irrigation department. This wall is important for the water supply scheme being made by the PHE department. After the breach of the wall, the PHE department, concerned about the success of the scheme, got all the aspects technically examined by NIT (National Institute of Technology). On January 4, the team under the leadership of Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed and Dr. Manikant Verma, head of the engineering department of the institute along with PHE’s EE Pankaj Jain, had reached Supabeda and Senmuda Ghat for investigation. The team has recommended rebuilding the diaphragm wall in its report a week ago. Confirming this report, Pankaj Jain said that the report of NIT has been sent to the top officers of his department besides the District Collector and EE of the Irrigation Department.

What in the NIT report? The purpose of construction of diaphragm wall is to ensure availability of both surface and sub-surface water in the upper part of the river. The diaphragm does not appear to be complete due to wall failure. In the central part of the diaphragm wall, the wall could not withstand the flow of the river and overturned. There are cracks at many places in the entire structure. Which shows poor workmanship. Boulders have been placed loosely in the pitching work done along the wall. The quality of river water was tested which was found to be within the standard permissible limits. Due to sand mining, the form of the river has changed due to soil erosion on both banks of the Tel River. There is a lack of coordination between PHE and WRD (Irrigation) department.

NIT gave these suggestions

Structural failure of the diaphragm wall requires immediate reconstruction with proper functioning and safety of the structure. The purpose of construction of diaphragm wall is not being achieved. Because some part of it has either overturned or has deep cracks. Due to which water can flow easily. This wall is important for the success of Supabeda water supply scheme under Jal Jeevan Mission. Intake wells for water supply scheme are being constructed on the river bank. A strong and efficient wall is essential for 12 months continuous water supply and water supply.

EE said he is getting tested by experts

EE SK Burman of Irrigation Department has expressed ignorance of the NIT report. He said that the damaged part of the wall is still filled with water. An expert visit is being conducted. If necessary, we will get the construction done afresh.

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