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Purushottam Patra, Gariaband. For the first time, the Kotwali police has been successful in catching an accused selling intoxicating tablets. On Saturday, the police arrested the accused Saddam Khan, aged 35, who was looking for customers for tablets in Paragao Road, with 300 pieces of Enazolam and Aprazolam tablets and sent him to jail.

Confirming the action, police station in-charge Krishna Jangade said that the accused, resident of Dak Bungalow Para, is a habitual scoundrel. As soon as the informer’s information was received, action was taken under the instructions of higher officials along with the special team and the Excise Department. Action has been taken against the accused under Section 22(b) of NDPS.

Intoxication is odorless, hence students use it

Drug trade was earlier limited to Rajim. Now apart from the district headquarters, it has spread to Chhura and Mainpur also. One tablet of the drug shows its effect within 20 to 24 hours. Its MRP of one leaf ranges from Rs 34 to Rs 40, which is bought in black for Rs 100 and is easily sold up to a maximum of Rs 300 per leaf. Its price is much cheaper than other intoxicating substances, and its consumption does not smell bad, hence apart from the common drug addicts, school and college students have also started using it. Sources say that more than 100 leaves are consumed daily in the district.

Not available in bulk without medical license

According to the rules, this medicine should not be sold to those taking it without a doctor’s prescription. There is a provision for sale of medicine along with the bill along with the slip. To get it from the wholesale traders present in the capital Raipur, one has to register the medical license number. Despite the strict rules of sale, the sale of banned conditionally sold drugs openly by criminal type of people also raises questions on the working style of the drug department. To what extent are the rules like regular testing and stock verification of medical stores being followed? How this drug is easily available to criminal elements in large quantities is also a matter of investigation.