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Shivam Mishra, Raipur. Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sharma has given a big statement on the increasing infighting in Chhattisgarh Congress. Along with this, he has targeted the Congress for filling the Nari Nyay form. On the increasing infighting in Congress, Vijay Sharma said that efforts are being made to harass PCC Chief Deepak Baij in Congress. A section is constantly trying to target him. The issue of transactions also came to light during elections. This is an internal matter of Congress but it seems that Deepak Baij is being deliberately targeted.

When Congress started filling the Nari Nyay form in Chhattisgarh from today, Deputy CM Vijay Sharma said that Congress is facing a crisis of credibility at this time. He did not fulfill whatever promise he made earlier. Now no matter what Rahul Gandhi says, people are not going to believe it. People know that Modiji’s government is being formed in the country. He did not keep his promise and hence the public rejected him.

Regarding the feedback received in Rajnandgaon Lok Sabha, Deputy Chief Minister Sharma said that those who have ruined many families in the name of Mahadev App, who have eaten money by brokering coal, who have eaten the money of liquor by putting fake holograms in liquor. Who have ousted various institutions from Rajnandgaon. Who have proposed the district in the name of votes. No one is going to accept such a person in the entire region.