February 29, 2024

Raipur. There has been a demand to include Journalism subject in the list of CGPSC Assistant Professor and to include Public Relations subject in the recruitment examination syllabus for Public Relations posts. This demand has been made by the Journalism and Mass Communication Association. In this regard, the union has also given an application to Higher Education Minister Brijmohan Aggarwal.

The applicant Dr. Yogesh Vaishnav has included various points in his application. In which four main points have been discussed regarding recruitment and syllabus of CGPSC (Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission). According to the application, teaching of journalism subject is continuing in Kushabhau Thakre Journalism University and affiliated government colleges of Chhattisgarh. But due to the permanent post of Assistant Professor being vacant, students are deprived of the benefits of the National Education Policy 2020.

Appointment of professors on contract

It has also been said in the application that guest teachers are appointed under contract with incomplete qualifications. Since the colleges are run by Public Participation Committee, the course fees are higher. Also, due to non-establishment of the department, students are deprived of quality education and training. The applicants have also raised the point that the course of Public Relations is not included in the syllabus prescribed by CGPSC for recruitment in the Public Relations Department.

This is the demand of the union to appoint assistant professors on permanent posts for journalism subject in government colleges of Chhattisgarh through CGPSC. To include the curriculum and content of Public Relations subject in the curriculum prescribed by CGPSC for recruitment to the posts of Public Relations (Assistant Director). To conduct SET (State Eligibility Test) examination in Journalism subject. The demand includes recruitment to the permanent posts of assistant professors which have been vacant for 15 years in Kushabhau Thakre Journalism University, Raipur.

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