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Raipur. Heard a heart touching story in the press club this afternoon. The incident was related to senior journalist Madhukar Kher. Madhukar Kher can be called the Bhishma Pitamah of Raipur journalism. As an independent journalist, he wrote for years in newspapers and magazines across the country and earned respect. Raipur Press Club has been named after him.

The story goes something like this – His son was unwell. Doctors said- he will have to be given milk powder. Milk powder was available in medicine shops. And the drug dealers were on strike. There was no telling when it would end. When milk powder was not found even after many efforts, considering the health of his son, Mr. Kher took a decision as a father. He informed the police and senior administration officials that milk powder is very important for his son. I will break the lock of the medical store from where I buy medicines. I know where the milk powder is kept. I will take that and leave his money also. After this you can arrest me if you want.

Madhukar Kher was a very respectable journalist. Respected the rules and regulations. His words created a stir. Senior officers immediately contacted him. IG said- Can you say this in front of medical professionals? Mr. Kher said- I can definitely say. An immediate meeting was called. He presented his views in front of medical professionals. This was discussed and ultimately the businessmen decided to call off the strike. Kher Saheb got milk powder. When all this was done, an officer told him – If you had asked, the milk powder would have reached your home. Kher Saheb said- Not one of my children was sick in the city. The officers kept looking at them. This story was narrated by his son Milind Kher in the tribute meeting organized on the death anniversary of Shri Kher at Raipur Press Club. He told that his father practiced journalism with impartiality. Worked for the good of all.

Milind himself. An anecdote from Kher’s school life was also narrated. At that time late Kher’s house was in Budhapara. He studied in Lawrie School. He used to go to school with his friends every day. An old woman was found sitting on the road. All the children used to come out teasing him. The old woman did not say anything. Late among those who tease each day. Kher also joined. He also said something to the old lady which other children used to say every day. The city was small then. Everyone knew each other. The old lady knew all the children by name. He himself. Taking Kher’s name, he said – It is not new for me to hear this. But today you also said it? No problem. This small incident made Late. Kher’s hair had a deep impact on my mind. When he returned from school, he was silent. When the parents saw, they inquired. Then this incident came to light. That day late. Well, I resolved never to think bad about anyone. I won’t say anything bad. In a way, that incident itself made him a litterateur. Later, as a litterateur, he wrote many stories which were published in newspapers and magazines across the country. A collection of these stories has also been published.

Self. I have worked with Kher’s son Milind. Also familiar with nectar. It was great to meet both of them today. Kher Saheb was Papaji’s friend. At that time both of them used to write stories. Talked to Kher Saheb on phone once in my life. When I introduced myself, he became emotional. Kept remembering our old days for a long time. How they used to talk for hours while standing under the street light. Papaji also remembered him with great respect.

We will continue the process of remembering our ancestors – Vaibhav Shiv Pandey General Secretary, Press Club

Today in the program other speakers also recalled incidents related to Mr. Kher. Press Club President Prafulla Thakur said that we want to publish the biographies and works of our senior journalists so that the new generation can learn from them. General Secretary Vaibhav Shiv Pandey said that we will continue the process of remembering our ancestors so that we can learn from their lives and their works. ​On this occasion, Treasurer Raman Halwai, Arvind Sonwani and members of the Press Club were present. Everyone was overwhelmed to hear the stories of Mr. Kher’s life.

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