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Arvind Mishra, Balodabazar. Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai arrived to attend the world famous Satguru Kabir Sant Samagam, Damakheda Fair, organized on the occasion of Maghpurnima in Damakheda under Simga development block of the district. Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sharma, MP Sunil Soni, Food Minister Dayal Das Baghel, MLA Pramod Minj and others were present in the program. During this, Chief Minister Sai made a big announcement from the stage. He said that Damakheda will be renamed as Kabir Dharam Nagar Damakheda. Along with this, he also assured about not setting up industries within 10 km radius of Damakheda.

In the Magh Mela, Prakash Muni Saheb honored the Chief Minister by giving him a shawl and a memento. Also honored Deputy CM Vijay Sharma and other public representatives. During this, Panth Muni Saheb demanded from Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai to add Kabir Panth Dharmanagari in front of Damakheda and make improvements in the government documents. At the same time, living of people in Urla and Siltara industrial areas near Raipur has become difficult and environmental pollution has increased. Regarding this, demanded the Chief Minister not to allow any industry to be established within 10 km of Damakheda.

Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai started his address in the program by saluting Prakash Muni Saheb. He said that I have come for the first time after becoming the Chief Minister. The son of a small farmer, I am standing in front of you today as the Chief Minister and have come to seek blessings so that the people of Chhattisgarh state are full of happiness and prosperity. While making a big announcement, Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai said that Damakheda will be named Kabir Dharma Nagar Damakheda. He also assured about not setting up industries within 10 km radius of Damakheda.