Raipur. Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai today participated in the solo campaign program of Vanbandhu Parishad Raipur Chapter and women. The program is being held at Maheshwari Bhawan in the capital, in which a large number of Vanbandhus have reached. In the programme, annual celebrations, donors and service workers will be honoured. During this, he said that our government has done the work of stopping the corruption done by the previous government in the state in the last 5 years. We are working to bring good governance and Ram Rajya.

Addressing the program, CM Sai said that the people of Ekal Abhiyan have taken education to every village. Before the assembly elections 2023, voter awareness work has been done in the entire state by a single campaign. Met people in every house and told them how a nation can be built. You people have made people aware about voter awareness. BJP has got 54 seats. The seat percentage has been more than 46 percent. Nuclear family also has a big contribution in this.

Regarding the consecration of Lord Ram’s life, the Chief Minister said that Ayodhya Dham, which belonged to our brother Ram, was fortunately given to us after 500 years of struggle. We are from the land of Mother Kaushalya. When Lord Ram arrived, we celebrated. With everyone’s cooperation, 11 trucks of fragrant rice have been sent from here. More than 100 doctors have gone from here. Those running our 5 institutions have also been sent rations and are providing food to the devotees of Lord Ram. Celebrating happiness in different ways. We have got an opportunity by showing the green signal to everyone. The first train went from Durg and the second train went from Raipur. The smallest worker of a village has got the responsibility of CM. He said that PM Modi is the most popular leader in the world. He had promised that Ram Raj will come after the formation of this government. Today, our government has started fulfilling Modi’s guarantee which is the party’s manifesto.

CM Sai said that before the implementation of the code of conduct, a lump sum amount will be sent to the accounts of the farmers. From the month of March, under Mahtari Vandan Yojana, money of one thousand rupees will start going into the accounts of women every month at the rate of Rs 12 thousand. Insurance scheme will start, work will be done to provide gas cylinder for Rs 500, our government has done the work of stopping the corruption of the corrupt government in the state in 5 years. He said, how many people are inside the jail today, they are not even getting bail. We are working to bring good governance and Ram Rajya.

Regarding Achha Gaon Yojana, CM Vishnudev said, we have launched your Achha Gaon Yojana in the Assembly yesterday. This scheme has been started for 5 districts of Bastar. 14 police camps are open. People will get facilities in all the villages that come under that camp. Electricity has not reached 14 thousand houses, our government will do the work of providing electricity there.