Raipur. After the arrival of the new government in Chhattisgarh, the first budget session in the Assembly started with poetry on Tuesday. The Assembly was abuzz with the couplet recited by Leader of Opposition Dr. Charandas Mahant. Assembly Speaker Dr. Raman Singh also said that it is a good thing that you are romantic even at this age. Read this also: CG MORNING NEWS: Second day of the Assembly session, voting will be held on the demands for grants of the third supplement, chances of cloudy weather in the state today

At the beginning of the Question Hour in the budget session of the Assembly on Tuesday, Leader of Opposition Dr. Charan Das Mahant sought permission from Assembly Speaker Dr. Raman Singh to make a motion. The Speaker said that today you have started with poetry, may it continue like this for five years. The Leader of the Opposition agreed to this and recited the couplet.

Silent moments, eyelids are bowed, there are new surprises in the hearts, now there is trouble in the secret, now love is new. Today is the first day of spring, let’s come and roam around in the valley. There is a new fragrance in the air, Gullo. My complexion is new.

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After listening to the couplet from Dr. Mahant, Dr. Raman Singh said that it is a good thing that you are romantic even at this age. After this, Congress MLA from Gunderdehi Kunwar Singh Nishad also recited a couplet.

Those paths were of loyalty, these are the destinations of punishment. His partner was someone else, his destiny was someone else.

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The effect of the change in the atmosphere of the assembly was that even senior BJP MLA from Mungeli Punnulal Mohle could not control himself. He also responded with poetry.

There is new enthusiasm, there is new enthusiasm. You are silent at heart, why are you silent?