Jitendra Sinha, Gariaband. A sensational case of murder has come to light from the district. The husband killed his wife with a sharp weapon and kept sleeping in the house. In this case, the police have arrested the accused husband and have started investigation.

According to the information, the blood-soaked body of 37-year-old Purnima Banjare, wife of Chetan Banjare, who lives in ward number 12 of Fingeshwar, was found in a closed room. The deceased’s father-in-law, Ghurau Ram Banjare, said that there was a quarrel between the son and daughter-in-law almost every day. There was a quarrel last night as well. In the morning, when the son was woken up to go to the forest to bring wood, there was a blood stain on his face. The daughter-in-law was also found lying unconscious inside the room. After which Ghurau Ram woke up his wife and sent her to see the daughter-in-law, but Purnima had stopped breathing.

Purnima was hit on the head and was bleeding. There were injury marks on her face and legs as well. The elderly father-in-law, who was informed about the incident, reached the Fingeshwar police station and reported the matter. Station in-charge Faizul Shah confirmed the incident and said that the husband has been arrested and is being questioned in the case.