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Jashpur. After a failed theft attempt at Pathalgaon State Bank, miscreants set it on fire. When the police patrolling team and other people saw flames and smoke rising here. Whose information was given to the fire brigade. Due to this, the fire was controlled in time with the help of fire brigade.

There has already been an incident in this bank where lakhs of rupees were stolen through burglary. Deputy Superintendent of Police Bhanu Pratap said that in the early hours of Sunday, the police patrolling party had seen flames and smoke rising from inside the bank. After which the fire was immediately controlled with the help of fire brigade.

ASP said that the miscreants have again committed the incident of burglary. But the matter of failure in carrying the cash is coming to light. The police have started investigation with bank officials. In which the matter of absence of the watchman has also come to light.

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