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Arvind Mishra, Balodabazar. In Gram Panchayat Korda of the district, under the leadership of Chudamani Verma, a teacher by profession for almost 35 years, plantation is being done for environmental protection on the day of Holi festival. Like every year, this year also the teacher made the youth aware about the environment by planting a banyan tree in his native village Korda on the occasion of Holi. Read More – Torture to death: Newly married girl committed suicide by hanging herself, why did she take this dreadful step after 8 months of marriage?

Let us tell you that on behalf of the Principal Reader of Government Primary School, Paijni, Chudamani Verma, every year since 1990, on the festival of Holi, every year on the occasion of Holi, there is a desire to protect the environment by planting shady and fruitful trees, to maintain love, brotherhood and peace among the youth while keeping them away from the hooliganism and drug abuse of Holi. Have been giving messages. In these 35 years he has protected about 30 plants.

Teacher Chudamani Verma told that the festival of Holi is a festival of increasing mutual brotherhood. Also, wood is also burnt during Holi, so it is necessary to have that too. Because we will reap what we sow, that is why I plant a sapling along with the youth and elders of my village and also expect everyone to plant a sapling. During the plantation, village sarpanch Khetar Singh Dhruv, Panch and Gitanjali Verma, Rohit Kumar Verma, Ujjwal Verma, Kamal Verma, Leeladhar Verma etc. were present.